Author: Methos2 and Stormwriter and *cough* the Muses
Warning: m/m
Title: All Who Wander...
Rating: NC-17
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Author's Note:  This was created on 27 December 2003, and is a stand-alone that falls within the alternate universe we've created.

All Who Wander…

Duncan growls softly and stalks up to stand behind Methos by the refrigerator. He grabs his lover and pulls him back, growling softly into the nape of Methos' neck. Chuckling softly, Methos shivers slightly at the growl, "Something on your mind, Mac?" He does let Duncan pull him where he will.

"You," comes the low reply as Duncan slowly grinds his hips into Methos's ass. "You, bent over the couch, your ass red from my hands, getting thoroughly fucked. Or do I need to be more specific, Methos?"

Methos frowns slightly at Duncan's question and asks quietly, "More specific? I'm not quite sure I understand."

Duncan nips at the back of Methos' neck. "Nothing more to understand than the fact that I intend to paddle your ass, then fuck you. And before you ask why, my only answer is that while you've been lost in your Tolkien books *again*, I've been playing about on the internet and got horny as hell. Anything else you need to know?"

Methos shakes his head slightly, then slowly allows his legs to stop supporting his weight, so he sinks gradually to the floor. He kneels in front of Duncan, his thighs spread wide, hands crossed behind his back as if he's already restrained, head bowed down. "Sir may have a reason to spank boy," he murmurs, almost too quiet to hear.

Quirking an eyebrow in curiosity, Duncan looks down at Methos, and begins to run his fingers through the dark hair. "And why might that be, my boy?" His fingers tighten in the other man's hair.

Methos' nostrils flare as Duncan runs his fingers through his hair, and he shivers slightly at the tone in Duncan's voice. He swallows nervously then stammers slightly, "Boy *was* drooling over Aragorn, sir."

"And *why* were you drooling over him? Is Sir not enough to keep you occupied?" Duncan's fingers continue to alternate between stroking and pulling Methos' hair. He pulls the man's head back, staring into the molten amber eyes.

Methos' eyes close briefly, then open again. He licks his lips, and says, "Sir is more than enough to keep Boy occupied. Just...he *is* a work of art, and boy appreciates art in all its forms."

Duncan chuckles at the candor in Methos' words. "Yes, I know very well how much Boy appreciates art." He leans down, taking Methos' lips in a demanding kiss, then abruptly stands up again. "Now, I do believe we need to punish you, my boy." His words are soft, silky, with a steely undertone. "Go to the play room and prepare yourself." He lets Methos go, watching hungrily as his lover heads into the back room they'd designated “the play room.”

After a moment, Duncan follows his lover; grateful Methos had talked him into remodeling the huge attic storage room into the very private room it had become. They'd spared no expense in furnishing it to look almost like the rest of the loft, but with a very different purpose. There are various whips mounted on the coffee-with-cream colored walls, line with cabinets, bearing a variety of other items they might require. The ceiling has eyebolts in convenient places, and track lighting runs along the edges of the room. However, a huge four-poster, at least a California King in size, covered in a black quilt, dominates the room. On the other side of the bed is a huge leather sectional, a forest green in color. Along the back wall, behind said sectional, is the only entryway into the room.

Stepping into the room, Duncan looks at Methos for a long moment, then walks up behind him to stand close enough for his body heat to reach his lover. "Wear something nice and comfortable for me, Boy. I want you to strip for me before your punishment." He runs a hand possessively down Methos' chest, tweaking his nipples.

Methos nods, "How much clothing does Sir want? Just pants, or more? Less?"

Duncan considers this a moment. "Pants and a shirt. Unwrap yourself for me, Boy. And while you're at it, find yourself a cock ring...and a nice plug or dildo for your spanking."

Methos walks over to the wardrobe, then changes out of what he's currently wearing, and into what Sir has requested. He adds a little more to the outfit, smiling at the thought of how it will please Sir. He steps out from behind the screen and waits for Sir to notice him.

Duncan leans back on the very couch he intends to bend Methos over, and gets comfortable. He senses Methos is done, but waits a moment or two before officially noticing his lover. His eyes rake up and down Methos' body, taking in the outfit he's chosen, and a slow smile spreads across his face. "Very nice, my boy. You certainly do please me when you want to." He pauses a moment, then continues. "Now, come unwrap yourself for me. Let Sir see Boy in all his beauty." Methos slowly undoes the buttons the length of the trench coat, caressing the soft wool as he does so. He glances at Duncan from under his eyelashes from time to time. Duncan watches Methos avidly, feeling his erection stiffen even more underneath his jeans. He resists the temptation to rip the clothes off his lover, then have his way with him. He's set up this little scenario, and he'll see it through. "You look utterly delectable, Boy."

Methos finishes with the trench coat, letting it drop to the floor. He slowly runs his hands over the silk shirt, pressing it to his skin, then does the same with the pants, turning around and pulling them tight against his ass. Finally, he works on the buttons of the shirt, utterly slow.

Swallowing back an aroused growl, Duncan moves to adjust the tight denim around his cock. "The slower you undress, Boy, the longer and harder I spank your ass."

Methos smiles slightly at Duncan's growls, then picks up his pace, still moving as sensuously as possible. He undoes the shirt, letting it fall in a pool of silk, then undoes the fastenings on the pants, letting them slide off his hips and fall to the floor. Duncan continues to silently watch Methos undress. His hand rubs lightly over the bulge in his jeans, imagining what he's going to do to that luscious body when he has Methos bent over the couch. Methos steps out of the pile of clothing, eyeing Duncan's hand as he comes to stand before Duncan.

"Did you get what I told you to?" Duncan finally asks, unable to hide the desire in his voice. Before Methos can respond, he pulls the other man into a searing kiss, fingers tweaking his nipples. Methos groans against Duncan, melting against him and molding his body to the Highlander's. Duncan lets one hand move lower, lightly tracing and teasing the length of Methos' cock, as he nips a trail down the length of his lover's throat. "Mmm," he growls. "Definitely going to like punishing you, Boy. You respond so well." And then he sharply swats Methos's ass. "Now, put on the cock ring and bend yourself over the back of this couch, Boy. And don't dawdle, or I'll make sure you don't enjoy this."

Methos bends over and retrieves the cock ring from the clothing, along with the dildo. He hands the dildo to Duncan, then squeezes his erection to make it fade slightly, quickly sliding the cock ring on. He then goes to the back of the couch, draping himself over it, ass in the air. Reaching under the couch for the lube always hidden there, Duncan generously coats the dildo, then moves to stand behind Methos. He hungrily stares at his lover for a moment before spreading Methos' legs a bit wider to push the dildo in with one strong thrust. He moves it in and out of his lover a bit before pressing it in again. Taking a step back, he gazes at his lover again, then suddenly snakes out his hand for a sharp slap against the pale skin of his ass. Methos groans as Duncan shoves the dildo into his ass, hands clutching hard on the leather of the couch. He wiggles slightly as Duncan fucks him with it, then goes still as Duncan slaps his ass.

"Very nice, Boy," Duncan replies, watching Methos' reactions, then continues to slap his lover's ass. "I want to hear you, Boy. Let me hear how much you appreciate your punishment." The intensity of each strike is varied, keeping Methos completely off guard. After a few of the particularly sharper slaps, Duncan steps back to watch the imprint of his hand appear, bright red, on Methos's ass. Repeatedly, he adjusts his own cock in his jeans, immensely turned on by his lover.

Methos groans, then asks hoarsely, "Continue from this point, or catch up, Sir?"

Duncan pauses, massaging Methos's ass, a scraping nail tracing the outline of his tattoo. "I'll take a thank you for what you've already received, then continue from there, my boy. And if you make it convincing, I'll consider rewarding you..."

Methos moans softly, whether at the touch of Duncan's hand or at his words, is unclear. His breathing picks up a little and he says quietly, but clearly, "Thank you, sir for your spanking. May Boy have another?"

A slow, sensual smile crosses Duncan's face. "Yes, my boy, you may have another, many others in fact. Do you want them?" His fingers tease his lover, slipping down to fondle his balls, then up to tease the dildo in his anus slightly, moving it back and forth a little.

Groaning again, Methos nods his head, unable to speak for the moment as the sensations overwhelm him. He knows Sir wants him to answer, so he licks his lips and tries again, "Oh, yes, please sir?" Instead of speaking, Duncan begins to let the blows land against Methos's ass again. His hands move down along Methos's upper thighs and up as far as the small of his back. He adjusts his jeans again, groaning softly. Methos licks his lips again, then speaking in a low tone, and a sometimes hoarse one, he says “Thank you, sir” for each slap as well as he can. Sometimes, it sounds more like a groan than words, but he says it.

Suddenly, Duncan stops and holds his hands over the warmth radiating off Methos's reddened skin. And then, he leans over to trace the tattoo again...with his tongue. "Tell me, Boy, do you think you've been punished enough yet?"

Methos sighs as Duncan stops, then lets out a shuddery breath as Duncan's tongue touches his ass. "That is up to Sir."

Duncan continues to flick his tongue over Methos' tattoo, considering Methos' words. "Perhaps I should go grab a paddle? Continue your punishment with that? Would Boy like that?"

"Whatever pleases Sir, boy will be more than happy to do." Methos says, a breathless quality to the words.

Easing the dildo nearly out of Methos's ass, Duncan slams it back in suddenly. "And if I said I was going to take this dildo out and replace it with my cock? Would you still want your punishment?"

Groaning and jerking slightly on the couch, Methos nods, "If it pleases sir."

Duncan pulls back to watch Methos for a moment in silence. Moving quickly, his hands rain blows down on Methos's ass, turning his skin bright red and hot again. Methos moans, then quickly starts thanking Duncan for each blow, struggling to keep up with the pace of the blows. Continuing the blows with one hand, Duncan struggles to undo his jeans, releasing his cock. And then suddenly, he stops the blows, yanking the dildo out and replacing it with his cock, slamming in to the hilt in one hard thrust.

"Uuuuuuhhhhh..." Methos pants heavily for a minute, "Thank you sir!" He groans out.

Duncan begins to thrust deeply, rapidly into his lover, leaning over to bite at the muscle at the base of Methos' neck. One hand moves around to grip Methos' cock, stroking in time with his hips. Methos braces his arms against the couch as Duncan slams into him, groaning loudly when Duncan bites his shoulder blade. Duncan adjusts his angle to hit Methos' prostate, enabling him to bite his way to the side of Methos' neck, biting harder on the exposed skin. His hips piston wildly, almost out of control.

Methos whimpers, "Sir? Please?" His hands dig into the couch, nails scraping slightly on the leather.

Duncan growls softly against Methos' throat. "Please what, Boy?" His hips continue to thrust purposefully.

Pushing back against Duncan, Methos whimpers again, "Boy can't...come until you remove the cock ring, Sir." he says in a husky, very aroused voice.

Duncan reaches down to wrestle the cock ring off, not worrying about manhandling his lover's cock. As he does, he grinds his hips into Methos's ass roughly. "That's a good boy," he murmurs huskily, then moves back and grips Methos' hips tightly again, hips thrusting rapidly. "Come with me, Boy."

Methos pants harshly as Duncan removes the cock ring, groaning again as Duncan resumes the hard thrusting. He does what he can to keep from having his face shoved into the cushions. Keeping up his thrusting, Duncan wraps the fingers of one hand in Methos' hair, pulling him up a bit to bite at the side of Methos' throat. He growls lowly, knowing the sound will vibrate against his lover's skin. The angle, the fingers in his hair, the relentless pounding from Duncan's hips is almost too much and Methos groans, then pants. " close."

Duncan's voice is low, hoarsely seductive in his ear. "Then come for me, Boy," he growls. "Show Sir you appreciated your punishment." As soon as the words are out of his mouth, Duncan's teeth again seek the tender skin of his throat.

Duncan's command is the needed last little nudge, and with it, Methos does as ordered, his body shaking hard under Duncan, writhing and jerking as he comes. A wordless cry escapes his lips, long and low. Feeling Methos's orgasm breaks down the last vestige of control Duncan has been holding onto. His hips begin to thrust spasmodically and he lets out a loud cry of Methos' name against the skin of Methos' throat as he comes. Methos pants, sagging slightly against the couch. He waits patiently for Duncan to recover a bit.

Catching his breath, Duncan carefully eases away from his lover, turning to clumsily land on the floor, back against the couch back. He pulls Methos down next to him with a lazy smile. "My god, but you can certainly drive a man to distraction, Old Man."

Methos tries to turn around, and winds up landing on his knees first. He smiles slightly, despite the pain that landing on his knees probably cause, then turns to lean against the couch next to Duncan. "As can you, Highlander, as can you." he says throatily.

Duncan chuckles softly, leaning over to kiss Methos thoroughly, languidly. "Can we just curl up here for a nap?" he murmurs cheekily.

Methos frowns, "You can...but don't yell at me if you're stiff when you wake. There is a luxurious bed just a few steps away...I fully intend to sleep in that."

With a wickedly sinful chuckle, Duncan grins at Methos. "I always wake up stiff when I'm around you, acushla. But you're right, the bed is definitely a good idea." He maneuvers to his feet, offering to help Methos up. "Race you?" he teases lightly.

Methos shakes his head, "Um. No. I am still a bit weak in the knees from that, or did you think landing on my knees was on purpose?"

Duncan winces apologetically. "Sorry about that. I'd have pulled you into my lap if I knew we could both handle it." He gently pushes Methos ahead of him to the bed.

Methos shrugs and climbs gratefully into the bed with a huge sigh. "Ah, now this is perfect. Only thing missing is a beer."

Duncan snorts softly. "After you rest, you can have all the beer you want. As for me? I'm planning to sprawl out here, wrap some body part around you, and fall into a nicely sated sleep for a few hours."

Chuckling at Duncan's comment, Methos mutters, "That sounds very strange Duncan, but it also sounds like an excellent idea." By the time the last words come from his lips, Methos is asleep.

Duncan grins and does as he'd said, fast asleep very soon after Methos.