Author: Methos2 and Stormwriter and *cough* the Muses
Warning: m/m
Title: Duncan's Revenge
Rating: NC-17
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Author's Note:  Another stand-alone in our little universe [think we need a name for said universe, eh Winter?], written on 30 December 2003.

Duncan's Revenge

Duncan looks at Methos, who's fallen asleep, clad in only a white wife-beater and matching white boxers, on the bed reading “Return of the King" again. He watches his lover sleep for a moment, then gets an idea and chuckles softly. Moving quickly, he sets the book aside, then carefully cuffs Methos' wrists to eyebolts in the wall above the bed. This done, he strips off his sweats, then crawls up on the bed to nuzzle his lover awake.

"Mmm, That's nice, Mac." Methos murmurs, then opens his eyes as he tries to touch Duncan. He frowns briefly, "What did you do to me?"

Duncan grins broadly. "Do? Did I do something to you, acushla?" He chuckles softly, leaning in for a kiss. "I just decided to give you a little present...and I wanted your complete, captive attention. Is that all right?" He moves against Methos' side, cock rubbing Methos' hip.

Methos rattles the chains on the cuffs, "I'd say you did something. Nice job, by the way. You're the only one who could do this to me and not wake me up, or piss me off." Methos moans slightly, "You have my attention."

"Not quite yet, Methos," Duncan says softly. "You've still got clothes on, and I certainly can't continue if you're dressed. Can I trust you to be a good boy and undress if I let you free? Or do I just cut these off?" His eyes twinkle with mischief and arousal, and his fingers trace lightly over Methos' chest and groin.

Methos narrows his eyes for a moment, "I really can't tell you...because I don't know. But I am curious to see what you have in mind..." he sighs, "So I guess that means a good boy."

Duncan chuckles and reaches up to release Methos' wrists. "You don't have to sound so put out about being a good boy, acushla. You never know, it might benefit you immensely if you do..." Having released Methos' wrists, he reaches for the hem of the wifebeater, tugging it up to expose his lover's chest.

Looking slightly astonished, "Put out? You haven't seen put out." He lifts his arms so Duncan can remove the tank top. "I still am dying to know what you're going to do. So I'll go along with it. Not feeling very combative anyways."

Pulling the tank top off, Duncan tosses it behind him and leans in to flick his tongue across Methos' nipples before tugging at his boxers. "Oh you never know what could happen, Old Man," he replies with a smirk.

Methos moans softly as Duncan's tongue teases at his nipples. He smiles at Duncan's comment, "I do know what won't happen, which is why I'm lying here letting you have your way with me."

Duncan quirks a brow. "And just what won't happen?" he asks, tugging the boxers off and tossing them to join the tank top. Looking down at his lover's naked body, Duncan licks his lips, forcing himself to reach up and recuff Methos' wrists. Satisfied Methos won't go anywhere, he moves to kneel between Methos' legs. "Can you manage to keep your legs spread for me? Or do I have to cuff those down as well?"

Methos smiles up at Duncan, "You won't take my head. If I thought there was the slightest chance, you know I wouldn't be here. And I certainly wouldn't let you cuff me like this either." He stops talking to shift slightly, then his eyes close at the images Duncan's words produce, "Cuff them...please."

Without comment, Duncan quickly moves to cuff Methos's ankles, then moves back between his legs. "I bet you're curious about what I'm going to do, aren't you?" he asks in a low, sensual tone. His hands glide up Methos' thighs, stopping just short of his cock, then he moves his hands to glide down his own chest, pinching his nipples lightly. "I figured you've been so interested in that Aragorn fellow that I'd remind you what you have right here in front of you."

Methos' eyes stay closed while Duncan restrains his ankles as well, then he shifts some, testing the bonds. They remain closed still while Duncan caresses his body, then open suddenly when Duncan removes his hands. His expression is one of slight surprise, a touch of regret, and a great deal of arousal. He keeps his gaze fastened on Duncan, nodding at the question.

"What's the matter, acushla?" Duncan asks, grinning, and trails his fingers down his stomach to his cock. "Cat got your tongue?" He flicks his own tongue across his lips, then moans softly as his fingers close around his cock, beginning a slow, easy rhythm. He spreads his own legs a bit more; giving Methos a better view, then sucks on his finger sensuously before tracing the wet digit around one nipple.

Fighting the urge to keep closing his eyes, Methos watches Duncan from under half-closed eyes, his gaze very intent. His arousal is obvious by the state of his cock, and his hips are twitching minutely. He flexes his hands in the cuffs, moaning slightly.

Duncan returns his finger to his mouth again, this time making an exaggerated effort to suck on it like he would Methos' straining cock. His eyes bore into Methos's eyes and he lets out a soft moan when he traces the other nipple. The hand on his cock speeds up slightly, fingers flexing around the shaft randomly as he moves. His free hand stretches out to rest just above the head of Methos' cock, but doesn't touch it. Methos' moan echoes Duncan's by a few seconds. When Duncan puts a hand on his stomach, he squirms upwards, trying to get contact. He's restless, shifting and moving as much as he can in the restraints. His breathing speeds up slightly as well.

Duncan attempts a knowing chuckle, but it comes out as a needy groan. His fingers lightly massage the tense skin of Methos' stomach, gliding down along his thighs, pointedly keeping away from his cock. His other hand glides faster up the length of his own cock. "Tell me, acushla," he murmurs huskily. "Would you like me to touch your cock? Fuck you?" He lets his intense desire wash across the bond they share. Are you enjoying this, acushla? This show that you can't touch?

Methos licks his lips, his mouth remaining slightly open as he pants slightly. He groans slightly, then says huskily, "Yes? Please? Anything?" His own desire loops back to Duncan, mentally groaning, Gods yes! I'm sorry. Just tell me when you want my attention, and I'll put the book down.

Duncan chuckles softly, despite his own arousal, and barely touches the tip of Methos' cock with the tip of his finger. It's more a sensation of heat close by than an actual touch. He pulls his hand back, trailing it up his own thigh, then dipping down to lightly tug on his own balls, causing his own groan of need, his other hand speeding up again. Are you sure, acushla? Can you not handle watching me and not touching me?

Methos groans with frustration, and bucks vigorously in the restraints. He knows he really can't control the next while, and that thought turns him on more. He pants loudly, eyes almost blazing with arousal. A wry chuckle fills Duncan's mind, Despite appearances, I am enjoying this...just don't frustrate me too much...If I really fight the restraints, I might break something.

Duncan watches Methos closely, a broad feral grin crossing his face. His hand speeds up on his cock, eyes intently raking the length of Methos' body, filling Methos' mind with a low purr of amused arousal. And then the images fill the older man's mind: Duncan's hand being replaced with Methos' mouth, or his ass; fucking Methos deeply, making him cry out his pleasure; orgasm exploding deep within him. Methos' eyes close now, and stay that way. His hips hump the air, causing the restraints to rattle. Even his cock twitches to match his hips. He groans loudly at the images Duncan sends his way.

Trying to speak, Duncan only lets out a lusty moan, his own arousal getting the best of him. "Need you," he finally growls, then leans in to press his cock against Methos's anus, but stops himself, remembering that Methos is completely restrained down, then forces himself to move around and release his lover's ankles. Once done, he turns back around to face Methos with a husky growl. "Mine. Now," he growls and thrusts deeply into his lover.

Groaning loudly when he feels Duncan's cock on his ass, Methos bucks slightly again, trying to improve the contact. He sighs as the restraints are removed, then promptly wraps his legs around Duncan, pulling him closer as Duncan thrusts into him. "Oh, gods! Yes!" he cries.

Duncan's hips thrust rapidly, deeply into Methos's ass, grunting with each thrust. He wraps a hand around Methos' cock, stroking in counterpoint to his own hips' thrusting. "Come with me, acushla," he groans. "NOW."

Groaning loudly again as Duncan finally touches his cock, Duncan's command to come is enough, and he cries out loudly. Muscles tighten under Duncan, around Duncan, and his head arches back on the bed as he comes. Warm fluid coats Duncan's hand on Methos' cock. It seems like the muscles are tight forever, when it's really a few moments. Finally, the tension eases out of his body. With a loud cry, Duncan's orgasm rolls over him. His hips jerk spasmodically into the tightness of Methos's ass, then he falls forward, catching himself on his elbows over Methos. His head falls onto his lover's chest and he breathes harshly.

Methos groans again under Duncan as he feels the Highlander's orgasm. He keeps his legs around Duncan's waist, despite the urge to let them fall to the bed. "Mmmm. That was...good. Really, words can't do it justice."

Duncan chuckles softly and leans up to kiss Methos lightly. "You're welcome. Just wanted to make sure you understood what I meant about wanting your attention a little more often."

Methos smiles, "If that's the result, I'll be sure to listen." He rattles the cuffs slightly, "If you'd please?"

Duncan moves carefully, slipping his cock free, then he leans up to undo the cuffs. Coming back down, he stretches along Methos' side and nuzzles his lover happily. "Good to know you'll listen," he says, then chuckles. "Can't believe I was jealous of a character!"

Methos wisely keeps his mouth shut, just snuggling against Duncan. He does, however, murmur softly, "I love you."

"I love you, too, a chuisle mo chroidhe," Duncan mumbles into his throat.