A Chuisle Mo Chridhe

The Pulse of My Heart

Welcome to our little AU in the Highlander universe.

Slash, kink, and smut are definitely the preference here, so if you're not into any of that or you're not old enough to read it, we kindly ask that you go elsewhere. No flames necessary. You have been warned.

All of the stories listed on this site originated in roleplay. As we get the time, we will be editing rp logs and adding the stories into the timeline. As soon as possible, we'll have an actual timeline, as well.

All feedback is greatly appreciated.

The Background of Our AU

The basic background of this particular AU is that Duncan was previously engaged to Amanda, while Methos was involved with Mike Pinocchio [from Harsh Realm]. The entire series starts with "The Price of Commitment" and goes on from there. BDSM is something of a given in the relationship between Methos and Duncan in this universe, and is a healthy part of their relationship.

While under the influence of the Dark Quickening, when Duncan takes Sean Burns' head, we posit that Methos was dragged into the effects of that Quickening and that a mental bond was opened between Methos and Duncan. With this bond, they are able to sense each other's presence, as well as communicate telepathically and empathically.

The Stories So Far

The Price of Commitment ~ This story began the whole deviation from the previous rp plot. [PG-13]

Ask Me Again ~ A stand alone PWP that follows the basic tenets of our AU. [NC-17, BDSM]

All Who Wander... ~ Yet another stand alone in which Methos is reminded just who he should be drooling over. [NC-17, BDSM]

Duncan's Revenge ~ Another stand alone variant on just who Methos should be drooling over. [NC-17, BDSM]

April Fool's! ~ A stand alone PWP in which Methos pulls a rather naughty prank on Duncan. [NC-17]


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